What We Do

We’re a small team of freelance writers with differing interests and levels of knowledge within various industries. We love what we do and that is reflected in the quality of our writing.

We’re confident in our ability to carry out the relevant research in order to deliver industry specific information in a variety of ways according to the needs of our client. This may be in the form of web pages, blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, brochures and E-books.

Just in case you’re not entirely sure what type of content best caters to your requirements and how it can move your business forward, we’ve put together a small guide below.

blog-49006_640Blogs Good quality, informative blog posts are a great way to get you noticed among a sea of other similar businesses.

By tailoring them towards questions and information that your particular visitors are looking for, you can create relevant meaningful content. In the world of Google this is everything!

What’s more, because your website is being updated regularly with useful content (we recommend once a week) the search engines look favourably on it. Over time you’ll see your site climb up the rankings.

We can tailor blog posts to be as long or as short as you want them to be (although it’s recommended that a mixture of long and short posts are best). They can be based on any specific products or services which you offer, or alternatively you can leave it in our capable hands and we’ll come up with a tailor-made blogging strategy specifically for you.

Once written, we’ll post them on your site for you at no extra cost, and this includes one high quality, relevant picture too.

pen-751723_640Product Descriptions – We never fail to be amazed by the amount of websites all displaying identical manufacturer’s descriptions of their products. Not only does this have copyright issues but many of these descriptions offer very limited information.

Conversely a well written product description not only imparts useful information to the reader as to how and where to use the product, but can also suggest ways of using the product which may in turn entice the reader into making a purchase

We’ve written hundreds, if not thousands of product descriptions ranging from café furniture to construction equipment, and it’s fair to say we enjoy a challenge!

copy-97584_640Web Copy – Great web copy is worth its weight in gold. It has the ability to engage with a reader and convince them that your service or product is the answer to their problem.

It also positions you as the expert in your particular field and encourages readers to click through to find out more.

Whether you’re an individual setting up a new retail store and in need of some great web copy or an established hair dressing salon looking for a simple ‘meet the team’ page to engage your readers and promote trust, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the copy you want.

news-530220_640Newsletters – Monthly newsletters are a great tool to let people know what’s going on in your business, highlight any special offers or promotions, and establish trust.

They can be used in a number of different ways. They could be emailed to previous and existing customers to keep you in mind when they next need a similar service or product. Or they can be printed out and left on the counter in your store or office.

You  can also encourage readers to sign-up for your newsletter, using it to capture their emails so that you can build an invaluable marketing list. We have the experience to create insightful 2 – 4 page newsletters that provide reader worthy content, using headline grabbing titles that establish trust.

reply-all-97621_640Email campaigns – A well crafted email campaign is one of the most underused marketing tools you have at your disposal.

Carried out properly it’s a great way of keeping people informed of any promotions or new treatments that you have, for keeping past customers in the loop, and also to gently market your products and services to your list.

Whatever message, event or promotion you want to portray, we have the expertise to deliver a perfectly crafted email letter that delivers your message across in a succinct, professional but friendly way.

folder-145965_640Brochures – A well worded and well presented brochure advertising your products and services sets you and your business in a professional light. Concise and easy to read, clients can browse through it quickly at home or in a waiting room. Brochures can be given out at trade shows or events and are a good way of reaching out to a wider audience.

Whether you want a simple tri-fold design or multiple pages, we can supply the wording that gives you the maximum impact.

mobile-phone-583683_640E- booksYou might be thinking “Why do I need an e-book?” but from a marketing perspective an e-book is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Just like a newsletter it can be traded for free in return for an email address as people sign up to receive useful information that you’re about to give them.

Just imagine for example how useful a quality book giving detailed answers to the most popular questions about your services or products would be. It doesn’t have to be’ War and Peace’, just so long as it’s informative, detailed, and most importantly, adds value.

Whatever your freelance writing needs, we have the skills and the experience to create anything from a small pamphlet that positions you as a knowledgeable professional in your field of expertise, through to a larger multi-page e-book that helps to answer some important questions or facts, that potential customers or clients need to know.

Contact us for more information.