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marketingHave you noticed the way that people often change their look when they split from a partner? 

Perhaps it’s a case of showing them just what they’re missing, or maybe they’re rebelling against the life they once had.

Well it’s a split that’s one of the major reasons for me revamping the Competa Writers website. (Hope you like it by the way).

Just recently my partner Dale and myself have taken different directions within the business – we’ve split and gone our own way!

He has been putting most of his efforts into Dental Writers (the first of our niche writing sites) while I have been concentrating on Competa Writers and working with existing clients.

So why am I telling you this?

marketingA thought crept into my mind as we were sitting outside in the sunshine this afternoon, that I’m guilty of having taken my eye off the ball. Rather than spend time marketing in order to get new clients and ultimately increase my income, I’ve been happy in my own little bubble.

I’ve relied on the handful of clients that I’ve been working with regularly over the past few years and conveniently ignored the fact that I’ve only gained one new client in the past nine months.

Now don’t get me wrong….. my new client has put a lot of work my way, but having seen the success that Dale has been getting with Dental Writers thanks to his continued marketing efforts, I’ve come to the realisation that I need to pull my socks up and get my act together.

Harsh, but true.

The point of this rambling is that whatever industry you’re in, you could find yourself in a similar position to me. There’s a saying that goes “You may well be on the right road but if you stand still you’ll get run over”.

Complacency is a bad thing – you (and I) need to keep moving. We need to market ourselves and our business in order to gain brand recognition and business growth.

I’ve got a confession ……

marketingI really don’t like marketing. Come to think of it, perhaps that should be re-worded to “I don’t really don’t know how to market”.

That said, there are so many different ways to market that others tell me that once you get used to it, it’s really quite good fun!

The great thing about marketing is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – in fact it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Not a bean!

The key to effective marketing is to be aware of upcoming trends and new channels. Provided you’re confident in the techniques that you’re currently employing and keep a watchful eye for what’s coming next, then you should be able to remain competitive and a step ahead of your closest competitors.

So, I’ve been carrying out some research into the type of marketing that’s best suited to small businesses who don’t have a large marketing budget or no budget at all (a bit like myself) and here are 3 methods that I myself am going to embrace, and you might like to consider them too.


You see, according to Google it’s more important than ever that search results are relevant for the user and contain useful information. In other words it’s important to write good quality, in-depth blog posts which don’t bore the pants off your readers, but actually gives them what they’ve asked for in their search, and more.

Unfortunately it’s not just about banging out a quick blog post every week. It’s the quality not the frequency that counts.

marketingBy optimising your website with good quality posts that SEO engines will find, then over time your business will appear right at the top of the list for topics that are related to your particular service. Ultimately this means more visits to your site, more leads, and helps to grow your business.

What’s more, each blog post that you write adds new content to your website and once published remains out there in the blogosphere for ever. Just the fact that Google sees your site is being regularly updated will also help to push it up the rankings.

It’s not about stuffing your posts with keywords either (been there and done that!).

If your content is just fluffy and isn’t informative, unique, or compelling, then your visitors will simply drop you like a hot potato and move on elsewhere.

To produce this type of blog post, might require you seeking the services of an expert blogger within your industry, or putting time aside for you to write a quality post – after all know one knows your business better than you!

2. Email Marketing

Again, this method of marketing might seem dated but it’s a method you should never underestimate.

Now speaking from personal experience, Dale recently began email marketing for our dental writers niche and within a couple of months managed to pick up a new client from his efforts. It turns out they had lost the services of the person who used to blog for them, and were keen to find someone else. Dale fitted the bill as he’s experienced in the dental niche, and hey presto!

Happy days 🙂

Now the key takeaway here seems to be the fact that he personalised each email so that people were curious to open them. In other words he found the name of the relevant person to address his email to and he also pointed out specific ways in which he felt he could help them; after all there’s little point in advertising our blogging services if they don’t have a blog in the first place!

Now for small businesses with a list of email addresses gained from previous customers, their email marketing methods would be somewhat different to what I’ve been talking about above.

For starters you already have a list of customer names and if they’ve bought something from you then you know what they are interested in.

Your email needs to be helpful and could include such things as industry news, a small guide, promotions you’re offering, that type of thing. It could also include a link to your expert blog post. Make your email engaging and useful – if it’s the sort of email that you wouldn’t open yourself, then don’t even bother sending it!

Still not convinced that emails are a viable marketing solution for 2017 and going forwards? Then check out these statistics related to email marketing.

3. Personalised Social Media Marketing

marketingSocial media marketing for any small business is a necessity these days rather than an option. However, rather than the odd Tweet or Facebook post here and there it’s more effective for businesses to personalise their marketing techniques by tracking consumer behaviour and targeting consumers based on their interests.

So how do you go about personalising your marketing techniques?

Well as I mentioned earlier it can be something as simple as entering the recipients name when sending out bulk email messages; or you could use LinkedIn or Facebook ads to target specific individuals who work at companies you feel could benefit from your products or services.

Facebook in particular has considerably improved their advertising platform so that you can be specific to the individuals or businesses that your ad is delivered to. With this information you can create specific ads which are relevant to target groups and which could potentially reward you for your efforts. Check out the link for help in setting up an effective Facebook ad campaign.

Try and take on board a couple of these marketing methods, use them regularly, and your efforts are bound to pay off. I’m certainly hoping they’re going to for me.

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