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I’ll let you into a little secret…Business blogging for clients isn’t the only thing we do.

Sure, it puts the bread on the table, keeps the roof over our heads and pays the bills, and what’s more we love doing it, but here’s the thing….

We want more!  No, not more food like in Oliver Twist. Instead we want a successful business that generates more cold hard cash. Doesn’t everyone?

So a few of months back we decided to buy a handful of websites with a view to selling products. The idea is that they’ll generate long-term residual income, which will then supplement the existing income we get from business blogging.

Alternatively, these sites are also something that we can sell if we choose to, later on down the line.

Sounds good right?

Well… yes and no!

You see, we’re under no illusion that you simply throw up a website, stick some products on it and watch the money roll in. Instead we understand the amount of sheer hard work and time it takes to run a successful site.

The problem is that our existing clients keep us relatively busy. Herein lies the dilemma….

We lack time, but we need to invest a great deal of it into getting these new sites up and running. So what do we do?

After much soul searching and scratching of heads, we came to the conclusion that we really need to outsource.

Okay, so I know how crazy that sounds, given that we base our business around clients who outsource their blogging and writing needs. The truth is that until now, we never thought that it was something that we actually needed to do.

You see, in the past we’ve done everything in house. This includes building websites, deciding on graphics, and even logo design; but in truth, it’s not our forte.

Sure it’s passable, but the fact is, there are people out there who are way more qualified and skilled than us to carry out these jobs. People who love to do it, do it well, and can do it a lot faster than we can!

Business blogging - outsourcing - Light bulb momentOnce we made the decision to outsource stuff we either don’t want to do or aren’t particularly good at doing, everything kind of fell into place.

I guess you could say it was our light bulb moment and here’s the key point…

Outsourcing for a specific need or requirement is a smart way to build a business. It enhances productivity by switching your skills into areas which you’re particularly good at… AND… because you’re more focused on your customer, they get a better and more timely service.

Also, because the customer gets a great service, they’re more likely to come back. Not only that, they’ll also tell others and before you know it, your business has taken off.

This is why many smart businesses outsource their business blogging requirements,

Firstly they realise that in this day and age, maintaining a blog is a necessity. business blogging outsourcing helpSure, blogging isn’t particularly hard, but by choosing not to do it themselves, they can channel their efforts into areas where they can really make a difference to their business.

In return, if they outsource correctly, they continually receive great content which they haven’t had to worry about, allowing them to spend more time gearing their business towards an improved customer experience.

Bottom line – Outsourcing any time-consuming or non-customer facing tasks is a win/win situation for everyone. It’s also one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, your business, and ultimately your customers.

As for our sites? well they’re still in the early stages, but we’ll keep you posted.

Let me know your thoughts on outsourcing and whether you think there’s a place for it in your business. I’d love to hear them.

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